The mission statement of Wildlands Conservation’s internship program is “to train the next generation of conservation professionals.” Wildlands has strong working relationships with Federal, State, regional, and local agencies, private-sector ecological consultants, non-governmental organizations, local universities/colleges, and private landowners. Thus, we are uniquely situated to provide interns with hands-on experiences that will maximize their exposure to a wide variety of career opportunities and perspectives in the field of conservation biology.

Demand for internship opportunities is high – especially in the field of conservation. Academic institutions need opportunities for their students to develop experiences and skills that they do not receive in the classroom. Agencies and private-sector employers need job candidates with these skills as they decrease the expensive, time-consuming process of training new hires. Wildlands also has cooperative agreements with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and local counties to provide interns for specific tasks to better help them improve conservation efforts.

From a student’s perspective, it is difficult to transition from an academic setting to a job in your chosen profession, and the first job is often the hardest one to get. We have had great success with interns that have used us as references and gone on to find great jobs. We have testimonials from some of our interns that demonstrate unequivocally that Wildlands’ internship program – interning with a local nonprofit that is involved in land management, conservation, education, and directed research – is a great stepping-stone to employment.