We are a non-profit organization specializing in conservation planning, land management, land protection, research, banking, education and outreach.

Conservation Easements to Protect Working and Agricultural Lands

Wildlands Conservation, Inc. is sincerely committed to the preservation of agriculture and a sustainable rural economy.  Our work in some of the only remaining large-scale landscapes in southwest Florida as land conservationists, stewards and facilitators of ongoing agricultural practices, allows us to invest in a future for rural Florida.  Our commitment to sustaining long-term agricultural practices and the protection of working lands includes our pursuit of agricultural conservation easements, mitigation banking and restoration programs and full-fee preservation of agricultural lands through both private landowner partnerships and public conservation programs.

Peace River Network
Background: In 2010, Wildlands Conservation launched a voluntary, partnership-based program, the Peace River Network. Our goal is to conserve ecological corridors of public and private conservation and agricultural lands along the Peace River and its major tributaries Continue Reading