We are a non-profit organization specializing in conservation planning and policy, land management, land protection, research, education and outreach.
We work on conservation projects and issues throughout Florida, with a focus on southwest and south-central Florida. The organization is under the leadership of its two co-principals and the Board of Directors.

Why is Land Conservation Important?
The protection of natural and agricultural lands is linked to a sustainable economy and healthy communities. In addition, conservation lands and the ecosystems services they provide are just as important to our economy and well-being as are our roads, residences, and businesses. Natural and agricultural lands are vital for our water quality and supply, our wildlife, and our tourism. These lands support us; they provide for and clean our water, provide flood control, storm protection, food, recreation, clean air, etc.  Land conservation isn’t an amenity value; it is vital our future.

Peace River Network
Background: In 2010, Wildlands Conservation launched a voluntary, partnership-based program, the Peace River Network. Our goal is to conserve ecological corridors of public and private conservation and agricultural lands along the Peace River and its major tributaries Continue Reading