Adjunct Research Ecologist

Dr. Brian Ormiston has over 34 years of experience in ecology, including 22 years of field and remote sensing experience throughout Florida.  Dr. Ormiston is a recognized expert in wetland ecology and wetland hydrology, environmental monitoring, statistical modeling, environmental impacts of water withdrawals from groundwater and surface water systems, and environmental management.  He has testified as an expert witness in ecology, remote sensing, and statistical analysis at several Administrative Hearings in Florida.  As an as-needed consultant for Tampa Bay Water he has assisted with development of their current remote sensing program, wetland minimum levels for wetlands and lakes, revisions to the Environmental Monitoring Program, and refinements to the Optimized Regional Operations Program (OROP) used by Tampa Bay Water to minimize hydrologic impacts to wetlands.  He has also conducted remote sensing projects including vegetation inventory, classification and change analyses, and hyperspectral mapping of exotic species for environmental management.  He has provided support to numerous environmental agencies and organizations including SWFWMD, SJRWMD, the Florida Natural Areas Inventory, the Florida Division of Aquaculture, NASA, West Coast Inland Navigation District, FDOT, USGS, and numerous environmental firms and organizations.