We are committed to advancing the practice of environmental lands management and wildlife conservation through research.
Current and Past Research Projects
Current and Past Research Projects
Current and Past Research Projects
Current and Past Research Projects

Wildlands Conservation has obtained Research Grants approaching $850,000 for projects ranging from the ecological analysis of natural catastrophes to the evaluation of management practices on selected species. Wildlands Conservation has obtained grants from Water Management Districts, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the Environmental Protection Agency, and many smaller localized grants. Our associates that oversee the research processes are university professors, research coordinators at major research facilities, and research specialists (recognized experts in a given topic or species).

  • At Brooker Creek Preserve in Pinellas County, Wildlands Conservation and University of South Florida biologists studied the effects of wetland augmentation on vegetation, reptiles, amphibians, and birds.
  • Wildlands Conservation tracked 25 gopher tortoises using radiotelemetry on a preserve in Charlotte County in an attempt to determine home range, habitat use and the impacts of land management practices and fluctuating seasonal water tables.
  • In Hillsborough and Pinellas County, Wildlands Conservation monitored the response of wildlife on salterns and restored salterns in mangrove communities (under a grant from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Foundation).
  • In collaboration with Archbold Research Station, Florida Audubon, and University of South Florida biologists, Wildlands Conservation engaged in a long-term study of bird use of lakes and compared this use to various environmental lake characteristics.
  • Under a grant from the Florida Division of Forestry, Wildlands Conservation assessed the canopy damage in Charlotte County resulting from Hurricane Charley. As a result, of our findings, we developed an action plan that prioritized restoration efforts with an emphasis on targeting areas most susceptible to infestation by invasive exotic species.
  • Wildlands Conservation assisted the University of South Florida and Cardno/Entrix in assessing wildlife utilization of reclaimed phosphate mine lands as part of a study for the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research.
  • At CF Industries, Wildlands Conservation is conducting comparative long-term surveys of wildlife in pine flatwoods to flatwoods restoration sites. We are in the process of expanding this study to compare flatwoods restoration faunal utilization to flatwoods reclamation faunal utilization.
  • Wildlands Conservation is also involved in several long-term trend analyses of floral and faunal communities at selected preserves throughout Florida.
  • Wildlands conducts avian monitoring (with special emphasis on sandhill cranes) on the restored marsh systems at the Tampa Bay Reservoir sites (also known as Chito Branch Preserve).

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