There are many instances where it makes good sense to turn over an easement for a conservation area to a third party that has no conflicts of interest and whose primary objective is sound ecological management.  Time and time again, easements fall to homeowners associations or development corporations that often don’t have the expertise (or the interest) in managing these conservation areas. Evidence to this effect is reflected in state written and unwritten policy that requires or strongly encourages that easements be held by third-party not-for-profit organizations. As a 501(c)3, comprised of land managers and ecologists, Wildlands is highly qualified to fill this niche.  We currently hold easements for conservation lands within the private sector, both for homeowners associations and land developers, and also hold easements for mitigation and conservation banks. Visit the Land Holdings page to view the easements we hold.

This assures that the easement is being managed in perpetuity by a qualified, objective, party with the appropriate ecological management expertise with one interest: to manage the property in a manner that enhances and maintains the ecological integrity of the site.

There are several funding mechanisms that can be applied to assure that the funds are available for in perpetuity management of any given conservation area.

Wildlands currently has entered into several agreements where management is paid for by the development entity and the financial responsibility ultimately falls on the lasting entity (e.g., home owner’s association) or where moneys are set aside upfront and management is conducted off the interest from the initial set aside.